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About us

We're a high performance delivery team. Worried about time to market? Have a critical system running on legacy technology? Need a competitive advantage in the marketplace? Mounting technical debt? Growing customer demands? Complex ecosystem? Need a hand?

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Meet our thought leaders.

Cameron Pulcifer

Principal Consultant

Cameron has consulted with many large organizations, delivering successful projects at the highest corporate levels. This includes Fortune 1 to 500 organizations. His passion for excellence in leadership and product delivery is the driver behind many successes.
Costantino Pipero

Principal Integrator

Costantino's experience spans many business and functional areas. He is capable of consulting, building and deploying enterprise wide strategic solutions that address the entire business from both an operations and systems perspective.
Bryan Starbuck

Principal Architect

Bryan is a 15 year veteran architect, creating software in the financial, solar, and avionics industries. Recent successes include a real-time monitoring solution for 45 solar plants around the world.
Aung Sann Oo

Senior Consultant

Aung Sann Oo brings a wide array of experience to any organization. He enjoys unique challenges and pushes the envelope every day.

Our Services

We focus on key services and solutions that provide value to our customers. Here's some of our core competencies.

Digital Transformation

We are organization, process, and modeling experts! With a holistic mindset, we help clients achieve increased throughput, customer alignment, and competitive advantage.

Our various service lines allow businesses to rapidly respond to the changing business and customer landscapes.

Custom Application Development

From Line of Business applications to the experimental, our team is prepared to take on any challenge. Whether in need of a high performance delivery team, core integration with existing teams, or experienced leadership, we're here to help.

Tailored Line of Business solutions, Modern Web Apps, Mobile solutions, Business Intelligence, and Cloud solutions to meet your needs.


Mobile strategies that allow organizations to scale and adapt are increasingly important. Our experience with a variety of strategies and frameworks makes us unique in the ability to deliver solutions that meet your needs.

Project Portfolio

At Emagen, we have delivered a broad spectrum of projects spanning multiple business sectors. Here are a few of the companies we have enjoyed working with.

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